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Upright Pianos – Used and New Upright Pianos for Sale

Vertical pianos, most commonly known as Upright pianos, hold a special place as the most prevalent choice among piano enthusiasts, gracing homes worldwide with their melodic presence. These compact and elegant pianos have become beloved centrepieces, offering both musical joy and stylish aesthetics. At Universal Piano Services, we’re proud to present a wide selection of upright pianos, including both new and used options, for sale.

Further, it has 4 types – Spinet, Console, Studio, and Full Upright. Let’s delve into the different types of upright pianos:

Spinet: The smallest among upright pianos, standing at approximately 38 inches tall and 58 inches wide. Its compact, charming design and modest size make it suitable for smaller spaces or beginners.

Console: The next size up with improved tonal quality compared to the spinet. Measuring around 40 to 43 inches in height, the console piano offers a balanced sound and fits well in various home settings.

Studio: A popular choice for music schools and studios. With a height of approximately 45 to 48 inches, it provides richer tones and enhanced performance capabilities.

Full-size Upright: Stands at around 48 to 60 inches tall. Also known as an upright grand piano, it offers an impressive sound quality. This type is an ideal choice for advanced pianists and professionals seeking a compact alternative.