We are pleased to offer professional, objective, detailed, on-site assessment of any upright piano.

This service can be very valuable if:

  • Your piano is in need of restoration, rebuilding, or refinishing
  • You are considering selling your piano
  • You are planning to purchase a piano
  • You need an appraisal for insurance purposes
  • You just want to know the approximate market value of your instrument
online piano appraisals


Looking to get your piano appraised in the most convenient way possible? Well, you have come to the right place. 

We strive to make our service accommodating for our clients. That is why we offer online piano appraisals. All you have to do is purchase an appraisal through our site and then we will reach out to set up a video chat with you so we assess your piano and send you an appraisal price. 



All of these questions can be answered by requesting a simple piano appraisal. Any technical issues will be addressed during our piano technician’s visit.

We will evaluate the piano’s condition and give a professional recommendation for either selling, buying, repairing, restoring, or refinishing your piano.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at:
(416) 230-5560

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