Heintzman & Co. Ltd was a celebrated Canadian piano manufacturer, based in the Toronto area, whose instruments retain a reputation for quality of workmanship and fineness of tone.


The firm was incorporated in 1866 in Toronto, Ontario by Theodor August Heintzman, who was born in Berlin, 19 May 1817, and who emigrated to Canada in 1860, following a brief residence in New York. The story that Heintzman worked in the same Berlin piano factory as (and emigrated from Germany with) Henry E. Steinway, who went on to found Steinway & Sons, is unconfirmed, but is typical of comparisons that were often later made between the instruments that their two firms produced.

Following his arrival in Toronto, Heintzman began to produce pianos from his residence (he is said to have worked initially from his kitchen) and then went on to open his first factory at 23 Duke St. By May 1868 Heintzman had relocated operations to 105 King St W and was soon turning out more than 60 pianos a year. By 1873 the company had moved to 115-17 King St W where there was space for a factory, offices, and sales rooms. The company was operated by Theodore Heintzman until his death in 1899, when his sons took over operation of the company.

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The current “Heintzman Piano Company” was established in August 1989, is a joint venture, is owned by “Chinese and Canadian shareholders”, and it operates from Beijing, China. Even though this company is producing pianos under the “Heintzman” name, and their web site provides both a history of original Heintzman & Co. and a detailed listing of original Heintzman piano serial numbers, the new company is not connected to the original Heintzman & Co. The new company claims to follow the Heintzman legacy (of quality), and their web site shows their current quality details. Their web site also claims that “the original drawings, scale designs and production equipment of the original Canadian Heintzman Piano Factory were purchased and are utilized by the new Heintzman Piano Co Ltd in China today”, creating their one link to the original Heintzman & Company pianos.

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