A Piano is More Than a Musical Instrument

piano more than an instrument

Whether you have mastered the art of playing the piano or you are a beginner, there is one thing that nobody can deny – pianos are more than just instruments. They have been around for centuries and, over the years, very little about them has changed. This is largely thanks to the fact that their look and sound were perfected from the beginning and this also makes them one of the most sought-after instruments.

The best of both worlds

When you compare the sound of a piano to that of another instrument, you will notice that there is one key difference. The piano has both melody and harmony whereas most other instruments have one or the other. There is also nothing in this world that can compare to the amazing sound of a fine-tuned piano.


If you invest in a quality piano today, you will enjoy it for many years to come. You can teach your children and even your grandchildren to play on this very same piano. Eventually, you can pass it on to your loved ones and it will become a significant heirloom filled with many amazing memories.

Best beginner instrument

When learning an instrument, pianos are the most forgiving. Learning piano is a lot more straightforward than most other instruments and, if you do manage to strike the wrong key, it will not sound nearly as bad as a false note on a violin, for example. The correlation between the keys and the musical notes also make learning music that much easier. Many people start learning to read music while learning to play the piano and they may begin to explore other instruments at a later stage.

Enhances style

Pianos are impressive to behold. Even a small upright piano will immediately catch the eye as soon as you enter a room. You can imagine the effect of a grand or baby grand piano in a large living room or other communal areas of your home! There is a refined elegance about this instrument that cannot be denied and it will certainly become the focal point of the room.

Functional art

From a functional perspective, pianos are excellent for adding style while also offering a practical purpose. If you were to place a large statue in the middle of your foyer, it would look lovely but it would not serve much of a purpose. However, when you replace this statue with a piano, you have an elegant piece of art that will also fill your home with the most amazing music.

Excellent investment

If you are concerned about depreciation, this is a factor that should be kept in mind whenever you purchase any type of asset – including musical instruments. However, there are some ways of curbing this. Firstly, if you choose a quality piano by a recognized brand, it is highly probable that your piano will maintain its value very well. Pianos generally have a lifespan of up to 60 years. After this, their value can drop significantly. If you pass your piano down generation to generation and it reaches the 100-year mark, it will then become an antique and this can result in the value increases exponentially. Of course, it is very important that you keep your piano in the best possible condition. While you might not be around to reap the financial rewards of an antique piano, your family will.

Cognitive and learning benefits

From a playing perspective, pianos offer a multitude of benefits. They help improve fine motor skills, cognitive function, memory, reading comprehension and playing can also help boost self-esteem. When playing the piano, you use both sides of your brain as you move each hand and each finger independently. You will notice improvements in language skills as well as mathematics and problem-solving. This is why pianos are such a worthwhile investment for parents.

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