The Albert Piano – Masterpieces boasting 150 years of history and tradition Albert Weber, founder of the Weber Piano, was born in Bavaria, Germany 1828.


He was early recognized as a genius musician. At the age of sixteen, he attained a notable place among the musicians of his country. His passion for music grew hotter and hotter. Young Weber felt keenly the limitations placed upon his art by the inadequancy of existing instruments. This made him decide to leave for New York in 1844 to find a turning point in his life as a musician. In New York, he saw the possibilities of a great career in the building of really fine instruments.

To learn the technique of construction, he entered the service of Holden, a master piano builder of that day, and later he was associated with Van Winkle, another celebrated piano maker. As a result of pouring laborous efferts, Weber opened his piano shop in New York in 1852, when he was only twenty-four years old. It was a small plant, but it marked the beginning of a world famous piano. He built into his piano what he was always proud to call “Weber Tone”. A lot of world famous musicians, including opera singers, came to love it.


That way, the name Albert Weber now symbolizes the first-rate craftmanship in making piano. It is not an exaggeration to say that makeing pianos with heavenly tones was his reason for existance. He went so far as to refuse to use parts that were not of the highest possible quality in his piano. Everything ranging from employing a technician to selecting raw materials had to meet rigorous standarts – all for the purpose of improving the sound and quality of his piano.

As a result, his craftsmanship of making piano came to be regarded as “art”. On June 25, 1879, Weber died of overfatigue at a young age of fifty.

Even after his death, the Weber Piano has secured its position as a product differentiated from others with its continued technological innovations and great craftsmanship.

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