Dedicated to providing a high quality instrument at an exceptional price, Nordiska pianos outperform pianos that are priced up to three times higher than the Nordiska line.


An exclusive factory, along with highly skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen are committed to the precision crafting of Nordiska pianos using only the finest hand selected materials.

Nordiska pianos provide you with consistent performance and incredible sound in every instrument.

Nordiska grand pianos possess a style and level of playability that is unrivalled at its price range.

The Nordiska line of vertical pianos is comprised instruments suitable for use in homes, schools and entertainment venues where quality is essential.


Nordiska pianos are among the most popular pianos sold, due in part to their low price to high quality ratio. Nordiska was originally a Swedish piano company whose operations were moved to China, successfully holding on to their high European quality while benefiting from low Chinese production costs.

Nordiska prices are generally in the low to middle range. Nordiska pianos are imported locally by Geneva International of Wheeling, IL.

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