The Kohler & Campbell Millennium Pianos are crafted in Korea in the first musical instrument factory in the world to be awarded the coveted TUV ISO 9001 for overall excellence. That means that Samick can guarantee, through third party verification, that our manufacturing process complies with a globally recognized international quality system standard.


Charles Kohler and John Calvin Campbell joined forces in New York in 1896 to create the Kohler & Campbell Industries, Inc. Campbell was a machinist who invented several wood and iron making machines and later took up piano making. He partnered with Charles Kohler for only 18 years, until the time of his unexpected death in 1908. John Campbell has been credited with pioneering many manufacturing techniques that instantly created more value for the dollar in Kohler & Campbell pianos.This was and is the cornerstone of Kohler & Campbell pianos…the best value for the dollar.

At the age of 20, Charles Kohler embarked on a piano-making career. Considered a genius as a factory organizer and businessman, he was the perfect complement to Campbell. Together they built one of America’s largest piano companies. Today, the tradition continues and Kohler & Campbell pianos are sold in many of America’s finest retail establishments.
Millenium Series

Quality Kohler & Campbell Pianos at Great Rates

The Kohler & Campbell Millennium Pianos are made of the finest, time-tested materials from around the world. The Millennium piano incorporates all we have learned over the last 300 years about piano design. Its various components are crafted and assembled by the finest piano makers from Korea, Germany, Canada and the United States. And because we are one of the world’s largest makers of grand pianos, we apply the economies of scale to make Millennium Pianos the most affordable high performance piano in the world.

The highest quality spruce from the United States and Canada is selected, seasoned, shaped and tapered to produce a soundboard of exceptional character. From the same logs, spruce is selected and shaped into the ribs that are attached to the soundboard to help maintain the proper crown. Straight-grained spruce is also used in the Pratt Reed Premium keyboard and keys.

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