Your piano is more than just a musical instrument; it's an investment in your future enjoyment. It has the power to fill your home with beautiful music for years to come, bringing joy to you and your family. However, because pianos are big and intricate, they need to be looked after carefully. That's where our company comes in. We offer piano tuning services in Scarborough.

Regular piano tuning, performed by a skilled piano tuner in Scarborough, is essential for maintaining your instrument. It helps keep your piano in good shape and prevents costly repairs down the road. The expense associated with piano tuning is quite modest when you consider the potential costs that could arise from neglecting this essential service. Keep your piano sounding its best and avoid unnecessary expenses by scheduling regular tuning sessions with us.


In every piano, the strings are pulled tight and held in place by various parts like the frame, plate, pin block, tuning pins, bridges, and soundboard. If anything intervene with the position of these parts, it messes with the string tension and throws the piano out of tune.

Piano Tune Scarborough
Piano Tune Scarborough


Even though the soundboard has a protective layer of varnish or lacquer, moisture from the air can still get into and escape from the wood, mainly through the edges. This is the key reason why a well-tuned piano with secure tuning pins can end up going out of tune.


Variations in the room temperature where a piano is placed can lead to changes in its tuning. These temperature shifts can be caused by factors like direct sunlight, heat from different appliances, or the cool air from an air conditioner.


New music wire has a lot of elasticity, and begins to stretch as soon as you pull it When you put new strings on a piano, they're pretty stretchy. In fact, they start stretching as soon as you tune them to the right pitch. This stretching is most noticeable during the first few years. So, if you have a new piano, you should get it tuned at least three or four times in the first year. After that, the strings stretch less, and the pitch stays steady for longer. But don't forget, you should still get your piano tuned at least twice a year to keep it in good shape. Following this schedule will help you manage the cost of piano tuning.


When pianos are exposed to regular changes in humidity, the pins that hold the strings in place can start to slip. When these pins get looser, the string tension can slowly make them turn over several months, causing the pitch to go flat.


The more you play your piano, especially if you play loudly and often, the faster it's going to go out of tune. This happens because when you play, the tension along the strings evens out, and that can affect with the tuning.

Piano Tune Scarborough


Piano Tune Scarborough


All pianos can fall out of tune due to things like changes in humidity and temperature, the strings stretching, or the tuning pins slipping. That's why it's a good idea to get a new piano tuned three or four times in the first year after you buy it, and then twice a year after that.

With more and more parents wanting their kids to take music lessons, piano tuning in Scarborough is becoming even more important for anyone who has an upright or grand piano. Let our Scarborough piano tuner take care of your beloved piano, so it stays in great shape and plays beautifully.

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