At Universal Piano Services, we have a beautiful selection of used pianos from which you can choose. You can view our selection online or visit our piano store Woodbridge for a closer look. Our range is frequently changing so we advise that you  check our listings regularly to see what’s new. You are also welcome to contact our team to find out more about our pianos.


Our piano store Woodbridge has an impressive selection of used grand pianos, baby grand pianos and upright pianos. Not only do we offer a wide range, but we also ensure that our used pianos are of the highest quality. Browse our range online or schedule an appointment to visit our showroom by calling (416) 230-5560 or via email. We are available 7 days a week.


Heavy or extended use will eventually take a toll on the sound and appearance of your piano. As the action parts, felt and leather become worn, you will notice these changes. Our piano store Woodbridge offers more than piano sales. We offer a full range of services including repairs and restorations. Restoring your piano will require a thorough clean, replacement or repairing of damaged parts, action part tightening and lubrication as well as regulating, tuning, adjusting and voicing. To rebuild a piano, we usually need to disassemble the cabinet and replace or repair the soundboard, pinblock and bridges. The damper system may also need to be restored by replacing the strings, hammer and action parts. We will also refinish the cast-iron plate if needed. Once we have completed our work, you will love the way your piano looks and sounds.


If your piano loses its once perfect sound, there is no need to worry. Our team of specialists is trained and experienced in performing precise piano tuning. Frequent use, humidity, temperature changes, stretched strings and slipping tuning pins can all cause your piano to go out of tune. We recommend that you contact our team right away for prompt tuning which will prevent excess wear and tear.

We welcome you to contact us via email or call (416) 230-5560. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule an appointment for you to visit our showroom. We offer a full range of services including piano moving, care, refinishing and storage.


Need to Move your Piano?

For all your moving needs in Woodbridge, we offer a full range of professional, fully-insured piano moving services. We are available for local piano moving and long-distance moving (including provincial, cross-country and internationally). Call now for more information and prices (416) 230-5560.

Dependable Piano Moving in Woodbridge

Piano moving is best left to the professionals. Moving pianos has much more to do with technique, skills and proper equipment than it does with sheer force. It can be both a science and an art, because this task requires special knowledge and skills that average household movers do not possess.

In those tight situations where it is impossible to move the piano in one piece, we will professionally dismantle it, move it to the desired location, and then fully reassemble the instrument to its original state.

We will move your piano anywhere, whether it is an upright, a spinet, a baby grand, a concert grand, or an organ.

Trust us to be your professional piano movers in Woodbridge!

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