Whether you are a seasoned expert or a beginner, Universal Piano Studios spectacular piano warehouse near Kitchener has the ideal instrument for you. Our remarkably affordable selection of pristine new and used pianos for sale ensures that we have something to suit any music lover, regardless of their skill level and budget. Our courteous team of experts will walk you through our unrivaled selection to determine the ideal instrument for you. We also offer a range of professional and affordable services. Make the short drive to Universal and find out why we are the Kitchener piano experts.


Located about 55 minutes drive from Kitchener, our piano warehouse boasts an unbeatable selection of stunning instruments both new or used pianos. From our classically stunning grand pianos to baby grand and upright pianos, we have something to suit any customer starting at unbelievably affordable prices. We would be delighted to walk you through our expansive piano warehouse near Kitchener to find the perfect instrument to suit you.


In addition to our unbelievable warehouse, we also are your number one choice for professional, reliable piano services in Kitchener. Whether your instrument needs a simple tuning or a complete restoration, we are committed to making it look and sound just as it did the day you acquired it. We also offer affordable and dependable piano moving. With Universal, you can always be confident that your instrument is in good hands.


From our spectacular piano warehouse near Kitchener to our range of professional and affordable services, there is no question that Universal Piano Services are your piano experts. Our courteous team of staff are committing to providing you with the best possible experience whether looking to purchase an instrument or simply looking to have your piano tuned, restored or moved.

Find out why so many music lovers choose us as their Kitchener piano experts!

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