Here at Universal Piano Services, we believe that PEOPLE COME TO US AS A CUSTOMER, BUT THEY LEAVE AS A FRIEND. That’s because we make it our goal to help our customers find the best piano for them. If you have never purchased a piano before, then it can be difficult to know what to look for while shopping for a new or used piano. Whether you are buying a piano for someone who wants to start learning or you are buying it for an institution you represent, knowledge is power, and knowledge will help you purchase the perfect piano that suits your needs. To help you make the right decision, we have put together this helpful guide for buying a new or used piano. So here are things to think about when buying a piano:


If there is one thing we are always telling our customers it is this: YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND MORE TO GET A GREAT PIANO. Our warehouse is home to a wide variety of pianos from Europe, Korea and Japan to name a few. All of these pianos are in great condition and would be perfect for a beginner or intermediate player. 

On top of that, we offer them at warehouse prices with a new piano warranty at no extra charge. So when you come to us, you get good quality pianos at affordable prices, which is the perfect option for a beginner player. And if you have questions, our experts will be one hand to give you the answers you need.


A piano is an instrument that you have to play, so make sure you spend some time getting a feel for the keys. What you don’t want is a piano that you struggle to play correctly. You want to make sure that it feels “just right” when you press down on the keys. 

When testing out the keys, you’ll want to check to see that they don’t have too much resistance or no resistance at all. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between the two.


While you are testing the keys, you should also take notice of the sound of the piano. You need to determine if you like the overall tone of the instrument. Depending on your taste, you might want a piano with a bright sound or maybe one with a more subdued and warm tone. 

Make sure you test the sound of all of the keys to ensure that the sound is consistent. The last thing you want is for a couple of notes to sound off while you’re playing.


For the most part, when we think of a piano we picture its facade. If you are in the market for a used piano, you have to start thinking not just about what’s on the outside, but what’s under the lid. Take a look at the hammers, strings and dampers. It is important to play the keys with the lid open to make sure that the parts are functioning as they should. 

There are obviously a lot of moving parts in a piano, so it’s a good idea to speak with a customer service representative who can answer any question you have about the inner workings of a piano.


This is the question that many people will consider when shopping for a piano. It is important to note that one of the most important considerations for buying a piano is sound. When playing your piano, you want to make sure it sounds incredible; and when it comes to sound, acoustic pianos are the better option because they provide a full, warm and organic sound that can’t be manufactured in a digital piano. 

If you are looking to get the best sound, then acoustic is definitely the way to go. Our warehouse is only stocked with acoustic pianos. Call our warehouse today to set up an appointment to see what we have to offer.


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