Schimmel is a German piano maker. The company was founded in 1885 in Leipzig by Wilhelm Schimmel (d.1890). This company is especially popular due to their high quality concert grand pianos.


In 1885, the first Schimmel piano was born. It was built by Wilhelm Schimmel in a small workshop in Leipzig, Germany. His philosophies ‘Quality will prevail’ and ‘Solid workmanship is the best patent’ are the foundation for the outstanding quality of his instruments. 

It has always been an important responsibility for Schimmel to offer quality instruments to the young, growing pianists at an affordable and fair price. In following this task and in acknowledging the founder Wilhelm Schimell, Schimell is manufacturing again today affordable quality pianos under the Wilhelm brand.

Based on the contemporary and innovative Schimmel designs and manufactured in a Schimmel owned facility in Europe, it is made possible to offer a quality instrument ‘made in Europe’ at an excellent price.

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In August 2009, the biggest piano maker in Germany became insolvent and was protected from its creditors in a manner similar to “chapter 11” in the USA. In April 2010, after the firm was financially restructured, became solvent and healthy again and has been released from its protected state by the German Authorities.

The company is now fully owned by the Schimmel family.

In May 2010 the company celebrated its 125 anniversary with a special ceremony held in the Cathedral of its home city of Braunschweig and the announcement of several new models.

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