Ritmuller pianos have entered a new era in their proud history. The entire line has been re-engineered to reflect a new commitment to a classic heritage and standard of excellence. Pearl River Piano Group has commissioned international master piano designer Lothar Thomma to start with the basics of German precision craftsmanship and create a new piano standard based on the latest in international music science and technology.


The result is a collection of both upright and grand pianos that compare admirably on every level. Precision components of the new pianos are produced by advanced CNC digital machinery then assembled by expert craftsmen to ensure a blend of both technical superiority and artistic excellence. Roslau strings and Louis Renner premium hammers from Germany, ebony wood sharps, and solid spruce soundboards are just a few examples of the standards of quality and workmanship that comprise every new Ritmuller piano.

The Ritmuller Piano Company was founded in 1795 and soon became one of Europe’s most innovative manufacturers. Ritmuller conceived of the double soundboard that resulted in the characteristic warm, rich tone now called the “Euro Sound.” Mr. Thomma and his staff continue the tradition of excellence and innovation using a combination of old world tradition and state-of-the-art computerized manufacturing techniques.

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The new Ritmuller pianos are manufactured by the Pearl River Piano Group. Their factories are the largest in the world. They have received both the ISO 9001 Certificate for Management System Standards and the ISO 4001 Certificate for Environmental Management Systems.

Lothar Thomma, the European master piano designer, has specified exquisite Italian style, fine-furniture finishing for every piano in the Ritmuller line. Every cabinet is polished to a smooth, deep, consistent finish through a process that includes a resin base coat applied prior to the finish. Carefully examine interior components of the all-new Ritmuller and you will discover all sides of the bottom and side panels are fully finished. Ritmuller uses no plastic case parts in the construction of their magnificent new, full-featured pianos.

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