The Remington Piano represents over 300 years of accumulated piano technology. As a member of the family of one of the World’s largest makers of fine musical instruments, the Remington Piano has benefit of tremendous economies of scale.


Remington uses the finest tone woods for soundboards and ribs as well as a traditional sand cast plate for the purest tone and strength. The Pratt-Reed Standard Action and keyboard will give a lifetime of smooth responsive touch and tone.

There are three basic ingredients in making a fine piano, superior craftsmanship, high-quality materials and superior design. If you look closely at the fit and finish of the workmanship you can quickly see superior piano building craftsmanship in Remington.

Notice the careful selection of high grade materials such as brass fittings where the competition uses plastic and heavier construction of the inner and outer rims.

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Remington Pianos & Organs were manufactured by Starr Piano Company of Richmond, Indiana. Starr was established in Richmond, Indiana in 1893. They were known for building high quality instruments, and enjoyed huge success well into the 20th Century. The Remington line was sold as an affordable alternative to the costlier Starr name, while offering quality that was comparable.

The Starr Piano Company also manufactured and sold several other lines of piano brand names including Richmond, Pullman, Cumberland, Duchess, Royal, Minum and Trayser. The Starr Piano Company was one of the few American piano manufacturers to survive the Great Depression without being absorbed into a larger conglomerate, and they continued to produce pianos until about 1950.

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