Perzina was a German piano maker. The company was founded in 1871 in Schwerin, in the north of Germany. By Julius and Albert Perzina. Production now is located in China.


The history of the Perzina Piano begins on July 1, 1871. on that day Julius and Albert Perzina opened their shop in Schwerin. This small, yet pleasant town was then home to some 40.000 people. It was the capital of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, in the north of Germany. A lake emphaises Schwerin’s beauty. More lakes surround it and just beyond the perimeter a magnificent 19th century Castle guards the town. In 1910 the court pianist, Ida Sothmann, played her Perzina Piano here.

By 1919 , in turbulent times, the grand Dukes Relinquished their power. In 1871 Julius and Albert were in their late twenties. They were the sons of a Saxon piano builder and wanted to continue their father’s work. The Perzina brothers followed training rooted in the rich traditions of centuries, receiving thorough training in all skills needed to build the perfect instrument.

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The success story of Perzina can be traced to certain people and circumstances. In 1871 the many independent nations of Germany were united under the iron rule of chancellor. Otto von Bismarck and the first German Kaiser. The long awaited unity was a strong impulse to the economy. Tolls and tariffs that existed between those German states were abandoned.

The piano took its important place in the average household as an instrument and a piece of furniture. The Perzina brothers profited from this situation, and did so shrewdly, for they combined their vast technical knowledge with a distinct feeling for style and quality. Their piano had to have an outstanding sound, beautiful design and be able to offer pleasure to generations for a sensible price. The company has remained faithful to the formula stated by the brothers Perzina some 130 years ago.

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