Niemeyer makes excellent and affordable pianos for Canada, including studio uprights, baby grands and larger grand pianos.


Niemeyer has a complete German inside. It features a Renner designed action (like Steinway, Bosendorfer and others), Abel hammers (like any good German piano) and Roslau strings (arguably the best strings money can buy). Its construction is ISO-9001 certified.

This makes Niemeyer a solid investment, and between this craftsmanship and its full ten-year warranty you can rest assured that a Niemeyer piano will be a beautiful instrument for years to come.

All of the pianos have excellent, ISO-certified construction. They use fine German parts, which gives them durability and wonderful sound. Some of the details of Niemeyer’s construction are explained below.

If you purchase a Niemeyer, you can rest assured of its superior quality.

Quality Niemeyer Pianos at Great Rates

Niemeyer pianos have Dehonitt pin blocks, made from seventeen plies of carefully laminated, extremely hard rock maple. They are resin glued using a cross-grain configuration which gives the pinblock maximum strength and long-term tuning stability.

Niemeyer’s actions use the world’s finest wood. Maple, beech and boxwood are carefully selected for production and precision-engineered to ensure that the Niemeyer key touch is both smooth and highly efficient. Niemeyer’s actions contain quality German parts, including Naish felt, Abel hammerheads and Roslau strings.

The tone of a Niemeyer piano is full and resonant. This is due to the exact mathematical calculation on the part of Niemeyer technicians, who have constructed a high-quality Siberian spruce soundboard of varying density.

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