Hobart M. Cable was established in 1900 in LaPorte, IN and was built in the United States for over 65 years. The “Cable” name, and more significantly, Hobart M. Cable has always been recognized as an American standard and an American favorite name brand. America Sejung Corp. has been meticulous and diligent to again make available to North America an instrument that perpetuates this heritage.


Johann Christian Gottlieb Irmler founded his company in 1818 in the musical city of Leipzig. Soon after few years his instruments gained great popularity. The old factory required expansion. A nearby area was purchased and new factory including a steam power station was built during the next 5 years. This major investment underlined the growing demand of his instruments in these early years.

In 1842 Johann Christian Gottlieb Irmler invented a new action for grand pianos, which allowed faster repetition and better control compared to the constructions used in these days. In the same year he was honoured by the King of Saxony with the Great Golden Saxony Royal State Medal for his achievements. The highest award of the state of Saxony.

The excellent grand pianos gained a wide reputation, which helped to make his instruments very popular outside of the German Empire. Numerous instruments were exported, mainly to the thriving Russian empire and the Scandinavian kingdoms.


Moontime pianos combine the advantages of acoustic pianos with those of digital pianos.

There will be no need to alter your playing style as you continue to experience the authentic touch of an acoustic instrument. You can combine your Moontime piano with your other equipment (PC, HIFI etc.).

Your Irmler Moontime is fully MIDI compatible and allows you to produce your own MIDI music tracks. During your playing you can mute the acoustic instrument and listen to your music “silently” though headphones, or external speakers, for practice without restrictions.

Choose from more than 80 digitally sampled sounds (3 pianos, 3 electric pianos and harpsichord etc.). Adjustable room acoustics. Enjoy your playing to the fullest. We supply you with everything necessary: Headphones, MIDI controller, sound generators and mute system.

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